This sad little ball is my dog Sadie. I…actually never thought I would be making a post like this but my dog Sadie needs help and we really really don’t have the money. We don’t even have money to pay for the Vet. checkup. Sadie has been having an eye infection for maybe the past 10 months, and at the beginning of this year we took her to see them and got some medicine. It didn’t help much at all and the infection persists and has gotten much worse, it’s started to swell and cover part of her eye and the entire eye is swollen and ringed with red. On top of that she’s been very finicky with her food and I barely see her eating not even when we offer her things she likes, and she’s gotten smaller, she won’t let anyone touch her face (Which I have to assume is because of the pain), and she groans when she lays down or gets up and has been moving slower and her breathing is so much faster than its ever been.
       Sadie really can’t wait anymore “until we get money” and I’m so afraid that stupid fact is killing her because we can’t even begin to address her problems. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’m a very sickly person (I have 6 different prescriptions I have to take daily) and I know money is drained that way because of me. She’s in so much pain and it shows and I don’t know how to help her myself, let alone even know what’s wrong and what she needs help with (because besides the eye, that’s the only visual wound she has).
       Sadie really needs help, and I need your help. I have a donate bar on my blog and also a GoFundMe with which you can donate if possible, every dollar counts, every penny counts. I hate this and I’m sorry but even if you can’t help yourself I’d really like if you could share it regardless, I’m so worried for her I can hardly breathe. Sadie’s a good dog, a really good dog, she’s sweet and gentle and playful and seeing all that snuffed out by illness is really painful itself. Any help would mean the world to me
UPDATE: The infection has spread into Sadie’s other eye and feels the irritation even more, all other problems also remain. Please PLEASE donations are very heavily needed, my family does not have the money to give her the help she needs

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